Saturday, 25 June 2016

My Country, 'tis of thee...

I don't really know how to begin to explain this. I don't want to be patronising, but I do want to be amusing. I'll try...

When we were little children, we thought that the National Economy was like our Piggy Bank. If you put more in, there'd be more there. Which would just stay there 'till you needed it for sweets. And if some more children came along from the Other Playground, and put their dirty fingers in, then there’d be less for you and less sweets. If the Nice Man gave you some more, there'd be more.

But now we are grown-up and we know that Cash isn't Money and Money isn't the same thing as Wealth. And The National Economy isn't like the tin on your mantelshelf.

On Planet Real, without even opening him, the Bad Men can make everything inside Piggy shrink, or even disappear. And the children from the Other Playground can, and do, make your Pig have more inside even by taking some out.

I know that this seems strange and odd and magical. But it is so. It is very unfair that it hasn't been explained to you, because it is Your Piggy bank, and you ought to know. But the Bad Men don't want you to know how the tricks are done, the Other Children don't know themselves how they do it.

I am going to try and find a way to explain it all. I'll try.

But, for now, I'll have to ask you to just understand that the £350M, or whatever, we pay into the giant Piggy Bank of the EU only exists in the first place because of the EU. If we try to take it out, or refuse to put it in - it just disappears. It doesn't go somewhere else, it just vanishes completely. We can't re-allocate it to Wales or the NHS. It isn't just money which has gone, it is value in the economy, so it won't come back next year. It doesn't exist any more. It has gone. Forever.