Saturday, 22 September 2018

Respect for GREAT Britain


Britain has always treated Europe with respect. It is time Europe showed the same respect for Britain.

Britain is not like other countries. Britain is the one country which has forever kept alight the torch of Freedom. Time and again, it is Britain which has supported, sustained and preserved Europe. But the care and compassion Britain has shown to its neighbour has rarely been returned, so that, sadly, now it is time for Britain to abandon Europe to its fate.

First, let it be understood that Britain is a proven friend of Europe, and anyone who suggest otherwise needs only to study history. Real history, not those versions of the past designed to belittle Britain. Most of Europe's little States have shameful histories, but Britain stands alone as the only country which has no need to apologise for its past. It is the oldest, most stable and most successful of all countries.

So, how is it that a small island, a speck in area, but a small oasis in the desert of the earth, became the true leader of the world?

The British are the inheritors of the great philosophical tradition of empiricism, associated with the likes of David Hume. It holds that all knowledge must be based on solid experience. On the other hand, Europeans have followed lesser philosophers like Hegel, Kant and Plato into believing that ideas matter more than experience. The British place value on honesty, decency, accuracy and care for community, unlike the Europeans who are much less worried by rule-breaking. Even the Chinese are sufficiently cultivated as to look with admiration upon the superior intelligence and moral excellence of the English

The English not only gave Europe its democracy, but the English remain the only true democrats in the world; democratic, not in the crude political sense, but in the sense that they are the only ones among the nations of men who are really capable of governing themselves. Of all nations, they are most obedient to laws, but those laws must be made by themselves. We have no love for authority, and no veneration for antiquity. Of all nations we are most capable of living in the social state. Britain’s history has showed the world what a free people could achieve if they were allowed to govern themselves.

What has England achieved? We have suffered a lot, through jolly little wars against barbarous peoples with their strong aboriginal propensity to kill, yet our pure stock has always triumphed and we built an Empire like no other. That was the glorious work which God seems to have laid on the English race - to protect the earth and subdue it. British rule has not been only the purest in intention, but one of the most beneficent ever known to mankind. The British Empire has been the greatest instrument for good that the world has ever seen, the widest system of organised human freedom which has ever existed in all history. We gave these sullen people "half devil and half child" the benefit of our law, railways, roads, health care and education, so that, in due time, they came to understand for themselves the value of freedom. If, having chosen that freedom, they are nowadays defined by violence, racism and division the fault, as our current Foreign Minister has said, is not that we were once in charge, but that we are not in charge any more.

Europe has little to offer by comparison, a conglomeration of petty and unimportant lands (is 'Slovenia' a real place? Is Belgium a real country?) As our Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain famously taught us, and we're fond of repeating, we really shouldn't be bothered about these far away nations like the Czechs, filled with people of whom we know nothing. It is only necessary to look at the only vaguely worthwhile European country - France - to see instantly that the English are a much greater people than these – more like one of the chosen people of history, who are appointed to do a great work for all mankind.

Why are The English the best breed in the world? The absence of a too enervating climate, too unclouded skies, and a too luxurious nature has rendered us so superior. It has made us the greatest governing race the world has ever seen, so proud, tenacious, self-confident and determined, this race which neither climate nor change can degenerate, which will infallibly be the predominant force of future history and universal civilization.

England has given Europe everything she has. It was England, alone and unaided, who stood up to German aggression in the 1940s, while the French, the Belgians, the Dutch and all the other petty powers of the continent meekly bowed down before the Nazis. Before that, it was England which saved Europe from the Kaiser in the 1900s, from the ludicrous little Corsican corporal in the 1800s and from Russian expansionism. Even now Europe needs the UK as the bulwark of its defence, the rest of the Europe are non-starters in military terms.

What has Europe given us in return? Instead of thanks, instead of respect, Europe has flooded us with low-grade people, Spaniards, Greeks, Italians, Romanians - who would want to live next door to them? Many are of low intelligence and little education so that even our very human stock is threatened with degeneration. Europeans have brought ruin to our education system and our hospitals.

We must remind Europe that its little Union is barely fifty years old and has not yet learned that Government is servant, and not master, of the people. When England was induced to join in 1972 it was on the promise of being part of an 'equal partnership'. But it has proved far from equal. No country pays more money in - nor gets less out. Consider European institutions - Britain has been 'granted' just three of them, and Europe has kept the other thirty-nine for itself. Three to thirty-nine, is that equality? Britain has offered to share import quotas 50:50 with Europe, but even that fair and equal offer has been rejected. Britain has become a mere vassal state of the New Germany, a humiliated rules-taker.

Worse, we are not a free-trading nation any more. The easy success and prosperity which Europe has brought has made our British companies fat and lazy, more fond of the golf-course than of working hard. We need to toughen-up. Outside Europe, Britain holds all the cards because, simply, Europe needs Britain but we don't need them. Getting out can be quick and easy, we can have a far better deal with Europe than we have now, one of the most easily arranged deals in all human history, something done in an afternoon. There is no 'down side' to leaving Europe, only a huge 'upside'.

Europe is the past, a backward-looking project based on an economic model of the 20th century, it is, after all, just the renewed project of the Nazis. Europe is merely the latest empire to threaten our shores, and like all the others, it will fail. And fail it must. The so-called European Union needs to be wholly torn down, it is an obstacle to world peace and is incompatible with a free society. Any British person who supports Europe and the European ideal is a traitor to his nation and deserves death

In the end, Europe is weak, and Britain is strong. If it means war, so be it. Britain is accustomed to win wars.

(I did not write this little essay by myself. It has been constructed entirely out of recent statements by leading politicians including Theresa May (Prime Minister), David Davis (Brexit Secretary), John Redwood, Michael Gove (Justice Minister), Penny Mordaunt, Boris Johnson (Foreign Minister), Nigel Farage (leader of the UK in the European Parliament), Liam Fox (Trade Minister), Jacob Rees Mogg (Trade Minister), Iain Duncan Smith (Work and Pensions Minister), Sir Keith Joseph, Gerard Batten, Steve Baker, David Campbell Bannerman, and leading commentators like Peter Osborne and Simon Heffer, previous Prime Ministers including Winston Churchill and Neville Chamberlain, plus earlier politicians including Lord Curzon, Jan Smuts, John Stuart Mill, Charles Adderley and Joseph Chamberlain. And some historians and poets including Thomas Williams, Charles Kingsley, Rudyard Kipling and man behind much of the system of educating British politicians, Thomas Arnold.)