Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The Analects ...

By Glyn Hughes

Wars are begun all for the same one reason only; for the self-aggrandisement of Princes.

The best way to get rich, is to make all the people around you rich.

The function of all Science is to serve Art.

You'd think that by now God would have worked out how to write a holy book that can't be misinterpreted. After all, He's had enough practice.

There are only two political positions - the one that says "In the end, we're all in this together" and the one which says "In the end, it's everyone for themselves". The trouble is, they're both right.

Nobody ever got rich by working hard. You get rich by persuading other people to work hard, and you keep their money.

All far-right parties are a homage to one person and hate for one other. When either is gone, they're gone.

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  1. Yes, but not just the "self-aggrandisement of Princes" . . . .
    Usually Princes and Kings were in debt, and one Dynasty in Europe has loaned money to absolve their debts, - not so strangely - the same Dynasty have funded, and profited from both sides of all major wars since the late 1600's, from the Napoleonic, through WW1, WW2, - But wait! the EU has prevented war . . . . So conflict must be re-created once more, with a simple "divide and conquer". What better, self-important hugely 'over-governed' puppets to use for the task, than the 'good ole english' . . . . hence Brexit!